Animals are really freaking cool, and if you’re here on a blog called Holy Crap Animal Facts then you probably agree with that statement. If you don’t then just hold on, I’m going to blow your mind. This blog is totally, 100% dedicated to showing off the numerous wild, wonderful, and weird things that go on in the animal kingdom. Don’t worry, it’s PG, so feel free to read to your heart’s content whether you’re at home and avoiding doing work or you’re at work and avoiding doing work. I’ve got you covered.

I don’t have biases. Okay, yeah, I do. I love kitties, but don’t worry! This isn’t Holy Crap Kitty Facts (though I might make that later, now that I think of it), I will cover all your reptile, avian, and weird fish needs. All that animal coolness will be covered eventually, but it’ll take a bit to maybe get to your favorite animal facts because there’s so many wild animal facts. If you have any suggestion feel free to either comment on the latest post or contact me directly. I don’t bite. Probably. Don’t send it on a Monday just to be safe.

Overall the goal of this blog is to share my love of animals with you, the wonderful reader. Maybe you already know what I’m talking about, maybe you don’t, and that’s totally fine either way. I’m here to learn, too, so don’t be afraid to call me out! Share your knowledge, ask me questions. I’m here to spread the animal love. Don’t google that.

Mikayla Kohn, a senior attending the University of Evansville, is a Creative Writing major who has a love for all things furry, fuzzy, scaly, and slithery. Her passion for animals has extended back to her childhood, where Saturday morning cartoons were instead replaced by Saturday morning expeditions with Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin on Animal Planet. Animals are the coolest and she wants you to know that, too.